St Joseph’s Hospital

iOmniscient and St Vincents Group have partnered with each other to create a safer environment for aged loved ones. We have achieved this through the implementation of smart, efficient, and affordable IQ solutions.

  • For those who were feeble and yet mobile, the highest risk was that they might fall down when they were alone particularly in the bathroom. It could sometimes take hours before a fall was detected. The victim could have broken a hip or be in enormous pain.
  • Body worn devices could provide some level of fall detection but old people often forgot to carry the device. For privacy reasons it did not make sense to put cameras in places like bathrooms.
  • iOmniscient put together a solution involving a special depth sensing camera which could accurately detect falls viewing only the personʼs silhouette. An alarm is immediately sent to the carer ensuring a much faster response than had previously been possible.

The St Vincents Group is one of the foremost providers of Aged Care in Australia. They are in a continuous search for technologies and methods for improving the services they provide to those in their care in parallel with a search for productivity improvements to keep their costs down.

  • Old persons also often slept a lot on sofas or beds. It was important for the carer to ensure that there was some occasional movement and that the person had not died. The same depth sensing camera was used to keep a watchful eye on the patient without being intrusive.
  • Perhaps the biggest challenge was in the dementia wards where patients often escaped and then did not know how to get back. In these wards it was important to allow free movement to staff and visitors but to ensure that dementia patients did not wander off. iOmniscientʼs Face Recognition system for uncontrolled environments ensured that an alarm was raised if a patient attempted to leave the premises.

The system was first tried out at the Hutchinson Disease Ward of the St Josephʼs Hospital in Sydeny. Sufferers from this illness lose muscle control and can fall down often. Helen Miller, General Manager for the St Vincentʼs Aged Care Services said that the families of patients were delighted at the increased responsiveness and care provided to their sick relatives. The major risk factors were addressed without putting pressure on staff who were already stretched.

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