Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS)

The IQ series products above IQ-80 are armed with a comprehensive Nuisance Alarm Minimzation System (NAMS algorithms) that allow them to deal with a number of issues that can be caused by light and shadows. These include the ability to cope with:

  • Global light changes (e.g. a cloud passing over the sun or a light being switched off or on)
  • Creeping light (e.g. where light from a skylight moves slowly across a floor)
  • Long evening shadows
  • Waving trees and fluttering leaves
  • Extremely bright lights (e.g. headlights that point at the camera)

The system also gives a warning if it cannot cope due to situations such as overcrowding, inclement weather (such as fogs and blizzards) or sabotage (someone putting a sock over the camera or painting it black).

A warning will advise the operator that the camera can no longer see adequately, highlight the problem and suggest that he sends out a patrol to investigate the situation.

The aritificial inteligence based NAMS capability gives products in the IQ Series a unique edge. In a recent trial against several competitors, the requirement was for a simple intrusion detection. Every one of the companies involved could do the detection. However every one had false alarms and the lowest rate was 200 false alarms each night – except for iOmniscient. Thanks to NAMS, iOmniscient’s product had ZERO false alarms.

Not every false alarm can be eliminated but being able to minimize the number in any environment is critical to the success of the system.

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