iOmniscient lands in Hong Kong

As a result of its on-going growth, iOmniscient has opened an Office in Hong Kong. Wai Hung Cheung will lead the charge there, focused on Hong Kong and Macau whilst complementing the Chinese team stationed across the border in Shenzhen and further afield in Chengdu and Beijing. With this new office we look forward to providing a better local service to our partners and customers in this vibrant city.

How much intelligence is required to secure the Olympics?
Whenever a major event such as the Olympics occurs we tend to get asked whether they (the organizers) have done everything possible to make it secure and safe. The organizers invariably spend large sums of money to provide a safe environment for both the participants and visitors, but they have become increasingly aware that just having thousands of guards and dumb cameras is not the right answer.

iOmniscient is proud to have been involved in several major sporting events including the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, two Olympic Games and a number of other major ocassions including the Vatican’s World Youth Day. This is because these events always involve crowded environments and of course that is iOmniscient’s speciality. Based on this experience, iOmniscient developed the iQ-Events portfolio specifically to help its customers with such events.

The added video intelligence does not just help security. It provides information that is critical for managing and controlling the crowds. It helps to improve the experience of the visitors (through efficient queue management and other similar products). It ensures that VIPs are well looked after and known hooligans are kept at bay. The Automated Surveillance capability can actually help to reduce the overall cost of the Security System. The iQ-Hawk system can reduce the overall storage and network bandwidth costs by an order of magnitude.

The Automated Response Capability enables critical information to be sent directly from the camera that detects it to the nearest Security Officer or vehicle to ensure a fast reaction when an incident occurs. Such systems help the Police and Security agencies increase their ability to protect everyone involved in a more cost effective way

What else could they have done?

An 18-year-old man in full police uniform was arrested at the watch-house of the prison in Perth, Western Australia on 4th June 2012*. He was detected after a
supervisorat the facility questioned whether he was in fact a member of the police force. The man was immediately placed under arrest and has since been charged with several counts of burglary, stealing, impersonating a public officer and trespass – a total of 35 charges. There is now a major investigation on how this could have happened.

The point is that he had been to the prison several times before, dressed as a police officer, and no one had realized that he was an imposter. They have many cameras in facilities such as these, they had guards monitoring the cameras, they had very expensive monitoring equipment and stored months of recorded video – could they have done anything else?

Humans are not good at recognizing people except those that they know well. iOmniscient’s Face Recognition in a Crowd system would have brought the imposter to the attention of the authorities by ensuring that all people entering the facility were authorized to do so. And such a system would have cost them far less than the investigation that has now commenced.

*“Charges laid after police impersonator causes security scare” - Rhianna King

Upcoming Events

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Security 2012, Sydney 25th-27th July 2012 C48
ASIS Philadelphia, USA 10th-12th Sept 2012 823
Security China, Beijing 22th-25th Oct 2012 E1Y39-40
CANASA Toronto, Canada 24th-25th Oct 2012 435
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iQ-Events Applications


  • Detecting someone who has fallen down
  • Detecting water spills
  • Detecting Smoke & Fire (conventional smoke detectors cannot be effective in areas with high ceilings and outdoors
  • Detection of sudden changes (e.g. crowds gathering, people running etc.)


  • Intrusion and Perimeter Protection
  • Tailgating system for restricted zones
  • Access Control using facial recognition
  • Left Object Detection
  • Interception of terrorists/hooligans using Face Recognition in a Crowd


  • VIP Access Management using Face Recognition
  • Queue management
  • Understand occupancy and ensure safety regulations are met
  • Speed control
  • Prevention of illegal parking
  • Detection of hawkers and beggars
  • Surveillance System healthcheck to prevent camera tampering or sabotage


  • Counting to understand the demographics, traffic flows and distribution of people
  • Understand the busiest aisles/ footpaths to allow appropriate advertising campaigns |