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iOmniscient’s CEO, Dr Rustom Kanga has been featured on the cover of the Australian Security Magazine (ASM). While Australia has always been known for exporting Resources and Agricultural products it has more recently become the hotbed for companies with innovative technologies from bionic hearing aids to new surgical techniques.

The cover story recognized that iOmniscient, with its worldwide spread of customers, had positioned Australia as a technology leader in the Security Industry. Eight of the top twenty worldwide systems integrators now work with iOmniscient as their preferred supplier of video analytics. An additional four of them have their own video analytics but still use iOmniscient on the more complex projects. Being leaders in the security field themselves these integrators are very careful about who they partner with and only make their selection after very careful evaluations.

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iOmniscient Protects Alexander

    The Australian Museum, Australia’s premier repository for ancient culture and natural history will be hosting a unique exhibition called Alexander the Great: 2000 Years of Treasures from the State Hermitage Museum in Russia in November 2012. This will be the largest exhibition of its kind to ever come to Australia from the Hermitage.

The Australian Museum is currently planning the security and logistics for what is expected to be a momentous event for the City of Sydney.

During the exhibition the museum expects to trial a new mobile capability from iOmniscient which will allow a guard who is wandering around the museum to have not just access but full control over all the CCTV cameras in the museum. He will receive alarms at iOmniscient’s comprehensive iQ-Museum system on his iPhone and be able to action and archive them as well as use iOmniscient’s unique Jump to Event capability to determine who was involved at the start of the event from the click of a single button. Essentially he will have the full functionality of the control room in his pocket.

Advance tickets for the exhibition can be obtained from


iQ-Museum provides comprehensive solutions for museums and art galleries. Palaces, Museums and Art Galleries around the world have realized that traditional CCTV solutions are insufficient for protecting them.  The theft in recent years of 5 major works including a Picasso and a Matisse worth over €100m from the museum of Modern Art in Paris, the €40m theft of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers from a Gallery in Cairo and the US$2m Le Chevalier  by Van Meers from the Art Gallery of New Wales highlight the issue. Everyone of these was protected using CCTV. All the items were stolen – several in broad daylight within view of hundreds of visitors.

iQ-Museum has a unique patented capability for detecting the removal of such items even when they are significantly obscured by crowds of visitors. Beyond theft, the system provides counts for understanding traffic flows and a range of other capabilities.

iQ-Museum is the most comprehensive video based tool for assisting Museums to increase the productivity of their security, operations and marketing teams.



Face Recognition in a Crowd overtakes Counting as most popular application

For several years counting, especially in complex and crowded scenes was one of the most popular applications in our portfolio. The high verifiable accuracy and the sophisticated and comprehensive reporting made it very popular not just for retail malls but also for airports and railways keen on understanding traffic flows for both safety and marketing purposes.

This year, the new Face Recognition in a Crowd capability has now become the most requested application. Useful in surveillance environments where the traditional access control type systems do not work effectively, this “many-to-many” Face Recognition system can help organizations not just in detecting terrorists and criminals but also for improving customer service. Recognizing its most loyal customers unintrusively as they enter the reception area and being able to greet them by name has enabled one hotel group to position itself as providing much better service than its competitors.

Another organization has used the Face Recognition system to authenticate whether a person taking key material out of inventory in a warehouse was authorized to do so. The applications have multiplied based on the imagination of our users and we thank them for their innovativeness.

Malaysia is seen as a major market for iOmniscient especially after the implementation of its system at Kuala Lumpur airport. To consolidate its position, the company has established a local operation with Mr Ken
Mr. Ken Ji Ling, Director, iOmniscient in Malaysia
Ji Ling leading a team of three engineers who will provide local pre and post sales support to clients within the region.

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Museums and Art Galleries Applications



  • Immediate identification of known suspects/criminals using Facial Recognition
  • Theft prevention system to identify missing objects instantly even in a crowded exhibition environment. Automatic identification of the thief using Facial Recognition even before he leaves the premise
  • Graffiti & Vandalism Detection even for small paintings
  • Perimeter protection
  • Prevention of unauthorized access and tailgating – can apply Tailgating and Facial Recognition can control people access. License Plate Recognition can be used to control vehicle access
  • Surveillance system Health Check to prevent camera tempering or sabotage


  • Adhere with fire regulation for maximum people allowed in each exhibition hall
  • Better customer services and resource planning with the use of People Counting and Queue Management system to understand the occupancy and the average waiting time
  • Better car park management with the use of Counting, License Plate Recognition, Tailgating andParking Violation detection
  • Efficient lost and found process with the use of Abandoned Object Detection


  • Smoke and Fire Detection systems for areas with high ceilings where conventional systems are not effective
  • Crowd Management and control
  • Detection of water spills
  • Detection of Slip and Fall for public liability or man-down detection


  • Understand traffic flow to plan the display and marketing campaign in various locations

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iOmniscient has been nominated for the Manufacturer’s Monthly Award for the "Most Innovative Company of 2012" and IFSEC UK 2012 "Integrated Security Product of the Year". The awards will be announced in May. |