Thinking back on 10 years of Leading the Market

10 years ago, the two of us decided to establish iOmniscient, after both left DEC which had become Compaq and was soon to become HP. Originally there were four founding members but two decided to leave when they realized the size of the investment which was required to bring this very new technology of artificial intelligence to market. This was not unreasonable as we were pioneers in this field and we had to not just sell to the market, but to educate it and in fact create it.

Our technology was initially based on research from an Australian Government sponsored Research Group since the early 1990s. Once we acquired the intellectual property we discovered there was a lot to be done in terms of productizing it. In 2004 we launched our first product and it took us to 2007 to begin to get good traction.

98% of start-ups fail after 5 years. The fact that we are around to celebrate our 10th birthday is a credit to all our partners, resellers and customers who have believed, worked with and grown with us. Today, 12 of the 20 world’s largest Systems Integrators (SI) have selected us as their partner of choice for Video Analytics, putting together unique solutions to give them their own special edge. In an industryplagued with project disasters caused by companies over promising and under delivering and giving Video Analytics a bad name we had to prove ourselves to them in multiple ways – most importantly with successful projects.

And we have a very strong long term road map and plan of action for moving forward.

The Company Philosophy

There are certain principles and philosophies that we have lived by:

  1. Making the Impossible possible
  2. Accuracy & Reliability
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Flexible and Easy to Use
  5. Comprehensive end to end solution
  6. Broad industry coverage
  7. 24x7 global support

Every day we thrive to create more differentiators and expand this list by coaxing our engineers into moving the technology to the next innovative peak. Previously, we would tell our customers not to watch CSI and expect real life systems to deliver what they see on television. Today, we urge our engineers to watch CSI and other science fiction shows and endeavour to make what is an illusion developed in a movie studio into a reality.

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Upcoming Events

INTERSEC --Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre - Booth 5-313C -  15-17th Jan 2012

Getting Value for Money (Seminar)-- Novotel WTC, Dubai -- 16th Jan 2012, 1-3pm
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Technical Accreditation Program-- Lotus Grand Hotel, Dubai—18-19 Jan 2012
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Making our Difference felt

From the beginning our focus has been on creating the market and differentiating ourselves.

We know that the technology will keep improving for many years and we expect to lead this continuous improvement. We are not in this business to make short term profits and then make a quick exit after three years (as most of our competitors have hoped to do). We have continued to invest in very long term developments.

So unlike the hundreds of others, we have not attempted to develop a minimal product just to be in the market or to leverage other non video analytics related products (e.g. camera, VMS etc). We are in this business with the objective of being the first movers in each new innovation.   

There are now hundreds of video analytics companies with predominantly similar technologies – but there is no supplier like iOmniscient who can cope with crowded and complex scenes. iOmniscient has successfully conquered many challenges over the past decade including managing innovation,motivating people to build many world’s first system and maintaining financial integrity.

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Thank you again

We would like to invite you – our resellers, partners and customers to continue on this journey with us. The products and technologies at the end of the next 10 years will be very different to what they are today. It would be true to say that when we started we could not imagine how the product would look today. We cannot predict what future products will look like In another 10 years. But wherever this journey takes us we expect to be leading in this push for evolving Video Analytics technology. Travel with us on this adventure into the future.

Ms Ivy Li Dr Rustom Kanga |