iOmniscient makes the Roads safer with iQ-Roads for Highways, Tunnels and Urban Centres

For a while, iOmniscient has been building specific applications for each industry. Working closely with our customers, we identify the needs that can be met with a unique application of video analytics. Industry packs have been created for over thirty industries, from banks to prisons and airports to oil pipelines.

The most recent set of industry products is for Intelligent Road Transportation. Application packages have been created for three different types of road environments – highways, tunnels and urban centres.

For each case there is a Starter Pack for the simple user. This pack is designed to match or exceed the capabilities of ALL competitive video based analytics products. And then there is the Standard Package aimed at the more sophisticated user who wishes to have "State-of-the-Art" technology.

The products come packaged with Super Edge encoders and cameras which have been specifically designed for the conditions required by these applications. For instance, the Super Edge devices are IP66 rated and can withstand heat up to 80?C (176?F) - in fact we tested them at 95?C (203?F) but we always rate products at a lower level than they are tested at.

Data sheets for the three iQ-Roads products can be viewed on the links: iQ-Roads: Highway, iQ-Roads: Tunnel, iQ-Roads: Urban

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Now this is the law of the Jungle...
... the law runneth forward and back
The strength of the Pack is the Wolf
And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack

Rudyard Kipling
The Jungle Book

iOmniscient follows the principles espoused by Kipling. We maintain the Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Video Analytics in the World AND in each application we endeavour to ensure that our product is the Best in Class. We believe this philosophy is the key to maintaining our ongoing technological lead.
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