Best CCTV System of the Year
The IFSEC Exhibition in the UK is the largest annual International Exhibition in the World.

iOmniscient was honoured this year to have won the IFSEC Award for the Best CCTV System of the Year*. The product was awarded for iOmniscient's Face Recognition in a Crowd Technology which continues the company's tradition of developing products for crowded and complex scenes.

Previously iOmniscient had won the same award for its iQ 180 Genius level product which can detect objects that are virtually invisible to the human eye. As yet no one has been able to achieve that and iOmniscient's technique for doing it is internationally patented.

Ms Ivy Li, Co-founder and MD of iOmniscient said, "We are pleased to have been recognized by the judges for the IFSEC Award. We believe it recognizes our commitment to increase the technology gap between the company's products and those of all its competitors."

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, system integrators and partners who have supported us over the years. It is with their support and feedback that we can continue to improve our technology and persevere with the task of building the world's most advanced Artificial Intelligence based Video Analytics."

*Excluding camera and lens

A Fable from Automated Surveillance

There are a large number of little new Video Analytics companies emerging in the market place. Is there really a difference between them? When there are so many supposedly similar systems around how come only iOmniscient keeps winning all the major awards?

The book 'Automated Surveillance: A Guide to Video Analytics' starts with a small story which we felt we should repeat for those of you who had not heard it. It provides the answer.

I was at a party when my hostess introduced me to one of the guests. "He teaches Maths," she said. The gentleman apparently taught maths at a primary school. He used to drill children in their multiplication tables and taught concepts such as addition and subtraction and even complex ideas such as the calculation of square roots.

There was a second gentleman around and the hostess said, "He also teaches Maths". One could have assumed that he did similar things to the first person but that turned out not to be the case. This second person was a Professor of Mathematics. He taught about Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series and was a consultant to NASA on predicting the trajectories of their satellites.

Obviously their experience and their mathematical capabilities were totally different. There are many systems that claim to be "intelligent" but are very different in their capabilities. It is not sufficient to claim that system is intelligent – even a frog has some level of intelligence.

It is important to understand the difference in the levels of intelligence of different systems and to choose the type of system that best suits your needs.

Dr. Rustom Kanga (CEO of iOmniscient)

This excerpt was taken from the book "Automated Surveillance" (2009) which was written by Dr. Rustom Kanga and Ms Ivy Li. |