"iOmniscient joins Intel at IMS Conference"

This year, Intel is the Platinum Sponsor of the IMS Conference on Intelligent Video: A Revolution in Visually Intelligent Applications which will be held on April 19th & 20th at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California.

At their request Ivy Li, Co-Founder and Managing Director at iOmnicient will participate in several sessions, the primary one being on "Intelligent Video in Security: Improving Detection While Reducing Costs Through VCA". Amongst other things, she will explain how the use of iOmniscient's iQ-Hawk technology can change the economics of surveillance by reducing storage and network bandwidth requirements by up to 200 times. iOmniscient has been working closely with Intel for several years on improving the platforms available for this type of Advanced Video Analysis.

The organizers have agreed that for a limited time you can use the special code 'iOmniscient' upon registration to receive the discounted early bird rate! This constitutes a saving of over $500 off the full registration price!

"Chengdu Metro implements iOmniscient"
Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province of Southwest China is one of the most important economic centres, transportation and communication hubs in Western China.
According to the 2007 Public Appraisal for Best Chinese Cities for Investment, Chengdu was rated among the top ten and was rated as China's 4th most livable city by the China Daily.

As Chengdu modernizes its Metro rail system they decided to use iOmniscient's comprehensive Railway Portfolio to enhance their security. Applications that they have implemented include Crowd Management, Slip and Fall detection and a range of other applications that are included in iOmniscient's iQ-Rail system.

Chengdu Metro joins a long list of other railway organizations in North America, Europe and Asia who rely on iOmniscient for their Video Analytics.

iQ-Rail meets total requirements of Railways around the world.

There are many stakeholders in a railway organization with responsibilities ranging from Safety to Track Management to Customer Service. Based on its extensive experience with railways, iOmniscient has put together a comprehensive portfolio of applications to meet all their needs that can be met using video analysis.

iQ-Rail is a modular portfolio of applications. Each one can be purchased separately. And of course all the applications can be fully integrated into iOmniscient's comprehensive Video Management System which can provide both local Station Masters and Central Control with the information they require. The system operates as a Video Utility with different users being able to receive the information that they are authorized to access.

iQ-Rail Portfolio

• Abandoned objects on a CROWDED platform
• Facial Recognition in a CROWD and at a distance using Security Cameras.
• Trespassing – wrong way or unauthorized entry
• Intrusion detection for tunnel, rail yard or tracks
• Graffiti and vandalism detection

Customer Service
• Queue Management
• Vending illegal tickets using facial recognition in a crowd

• Track maintenance (e.g. detecting of loose/missing plates at
the joint of the track)
• Theft detection of inventory from stores and open stock yards

• People counting or crowd management
• Unauthorized access across the turnstile
• Prevention of beggars/homeless people sleeping at the station
• Monitoring of train schedule (Number Recognition)
• Parking violation outside stations
• Surveillance healthcheck for any camera malfunction

• Platform safety (detection of people crossing the yellow safety line when the train is not at the station)
• Detection of running/skateboarding/slip and fall on platform
• Overcrowding and congestion detection
• Detection of obstruction on the tracks
• Collision prevention at level crossing
• Smoke and Fire detection on platforms and train yards
• Smoke and Fire detection in tunnels
• Confirmation of working safety lights on passing trains
• Detection and Recognition of over-speeding
• Unbalanced load/ Objects protruding from Cargo Trains

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