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  Last year iOmniscient ran its Enlightenment Seminar.It provided a basic understanding of video analysis to audiences from New York to Shenzen and from Delhi to Mexico City. Over 5000 people in 35 cities ttended these.
  This year our focus is on how
successful users have implemented Video Analysis.
  The 7 Wonders seminar will focus on 7 case studies from 7 different industries around the world that talk about how enlightened users are using Video Analysis. It will describe their applications and their experience and focus on the key elements that have led to their success.
   The first three sessions of this seminar are planned for Sydney (2nd Sept), Istanbul (25th Sept) and Beijing (3rd Nov). Contact info@iomniscient.com to book your seat.
  Special Discounted
  Pricing for 2010

  We are pleased to announce a special discount of 20% on prices for all Detection products with an iQ level of 100 or more where the order is received and the invoice paid for before the 31st of December 2010.
  This is restricted to orders for at least 100 licenses of the type eligible in this program. Further – on all such orders, both the VMS and the Healthcheck system will be provided at a discount of 50% for the cameras using the video analysis.

Note: Identification products (eg FR and LPR) and low end and Starter Pack products are not eligible for this discount. This discount stands on its own and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Starter Packs for those who want to taste Video Analysis at a LOW PRICE 
iOmniscient has always focused on developing technology that is at the leading edge. If it was possible to achieve a result with video analysis you could be sure that iOmniscient had developed that capability.
  However many new customers who are unfamiliar with Video Analysis have expressed a need to have access to a product that they can try out at a very low price. For them we have developed two Starter Packs (SP1 for indoor use and SP2 for outdoors).
These packs provide a range of capabilities from intrusion detection to crowd management and some behaviour analysis. The packages are armed with the appropriate level of NAMS (our Nuisance Alarm Minimization System) and are superior to anything else available on the market from others and come at a very competitive price.
  A clear path is available for those users who want to upgrade to iOmniscient's top of the line products which have features and capabilities that no one else can provide.
Who buys the Starter Pack:
Many resellers have used the Starter Pack to bid on tenders. It can do just about everything that any competitor can do and because of its low price it can help them position themselves with a low priced offering. This is particularly important if the User is new to Automated Surveillance and does not know exactly what he needs.
  The sophisticated users of course, will understand the many advantages they get from iQ Infinity, iQ Hawk and the other very advanced capabilities and they will insist on getting these. In that case the reseller is in a happier position as no one else can offer these capabilities.
You can COUNT on us
Counting people and vehicles continues to be a very popular video analysis application because it can provide crucial traffic information to marketing people (which in turn can be used to establish rents for shops and prices for billboard advertising).
   Traditionally counting has been done using various sensor based systems or even just with a person who stands with a clicker attempting to count people or cars as they pass.
The iOmniscient Counting system has several major benefits over more traditional methods. Compared to humans it is far more accurate. Several studies and trials have now shown that the iOmniscient system can beat humans by a significant margin in terms of accuracy. In a long trial humans are lucky to be more than 50% accurate. And because iOmniscient uses video which can be used for verification of the count you actually know how accurate your system is (something you cannot verify with sensor based systems).
  The iOmniscient system also comes with a very comprehensive reporting capability.You can remotely access the information, cut it in a variety of ways, export it to spreadsheets and produce graphs for management review. 
  More intelligent versions of the system (with a higher iQ level) can be used for detecting tail gating and for crowd management. And of course the counting system can be tightly integrated with other iOmniscient software such as its Facial Recognition System for access control and for safety and security applications.
  It is for good reason that the iQ-110 counting system from iOmniscient which has been audited as having a accuracy of up to 99% is considered not just the most accurate system on the market but also the most comprehensive.
Face Detection in Crowded Scenes
   Imagine the scene – a man is murdered in a busy public place by a gang of thugs. By the time the police arrive the thugs have disappeared. So have virtually all the witnesses who have continued on their way to wherever they were going. The CCTV images are of too poor a quality to actually see anyone's face. The police then do not know who the perpetuators were and they have no record of who the witnesses were.
   Recording with Mega-pixel cameras could do the job but when used on their own are too expensive as the images are huge and storage and transmission costs are high.
iOmniscient iQ-Face Detection system solves this problem. When an event occurs it can capture the faces of all those present in high resolution. Even if immediate identification is not possible because the user does not have his own criminal database the information can be made available to police to help them solve the crime. 
   This is not an imaginary scenario. We are aware of at least three such incidents in the past year. Further during the IFSEC show in May our own car was broken into while it was parked in a restaurant car park and the contents were stolen. Again the CCTV images were of too poor a quality to be of value to the police for identification. The iQ Face Detection system can help solve crimes faster.
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