Enlightenment Seminar comes to the UK

iOmniscient will be exhibiting at IFSEC from 10th to 13th May (Hall 4, Booth i10). In parallel it will host its free Enlightenment seminar on 12th May (at the NEC). This will provide an insight into the latest trends in Video Analysis including details on the workings of its system for Facial Recognition in a Crowd. Participants in the seminar will receive a free CD copy of "Automated Surveillance" the first comprehensive book on the subject.

For the technically minded there will be a 2 day technical training session on the 13th and 14th of May. For details on any of the above contact info@iomniscient.com
Finalist – IFSEC Award. China Rail Project
The IFSECs Award committee has yet again selected iOmniscient as a Finalist for their annual awards which will be announced on 10th May 2010. This time it is in the Best Project category for the successful implementation of the China Rail Fast Train Project.
The iOmniscient system uses cameras placed strategically along the track and particularly at road junctions, bridges and the entrance and exits of tunnels to monitor the track and advise the driver of any advancing train of an obstruction when the train is still several kilometres away giving the driver sufficient time to stop the train even before he has a line of sight to the object. The procedures require the driver to respond to an alarm within 5 seconds. If he does not the train is automatically stopped.

Xu Ke-liang, project manager for the China Railway Signal & Communications Corp which was responsible for the implementation said: "Your implementation team has given us tremendous and timely support throughout the entire deployment. The system is configured to achieve a very good result with high satisfaction. iOmniscient's iQ system has proven to be very accurate and reliable with a very low false alarm rate even in our difficult environment. Moreover, the level of service and expertise provided by your team is superb."
KLIA selects iOmniscient
Kuala Lumpur International Airport has decided to use iOmniscient's iQ series software for their latest security upgrade. After an extensive search and evaluation process which involved visiting airports around the world they selected iOmniscient's video analysis system.
With a range of applications in mind KLIA will be implementing some of the simpler applications as well as iQ Infinity for the most complex scenes.

Dr Rustom Kanga, iOmniscient CEO, commented that "airports can be very complex environments. In particular they have to cope with very crowded scenes. If counting is difficult when there are one or two people to be counted it can be much more difficult to count crowds. If detecting abandoned luggage is difficult in an empty scene, it is even more so in a crowd. If faces are difficult to recognize accurately when a single face is presented to a camera, it is far more difficult to do it in a crowd.
Yet working in crowded scenes is iOmniscient's speciality – this is where we have most of our patents and this is the reason organizations with complex requirements such as airports and railways use us."

iOmniscient's partner, GTC Global will be the systems integrator for this project.
Stop Warehouse Theft with iOmniscient
Warehouse managers talk of "shrinkage" which is a euphemism for stock items being stolen - usually by insiders. For big warehouses that hold large numbers of high value items, a shrinkage of 1% can be worth a significant amount in absolute terms. For one iOmniscient customer, the Chinese Army, the need to reduce theft from their military factories and store rooms was even more critical since the stolen goods were munitions of various types.

iOmniscient offers a unique system for reducing theft. Cameras in the warehouse detect whenever an item is removed from a shelf. The system is NOT motion based and hence it is not triggered every time a person walks into the scene.
The internationally patented iQ 140 system can detect that an object has been removed even if it was obscured during its removal and hence was not visible during the removal process.
Combined with the iQ Hawk system which can use low resolution images for detection and yet capture a close up high resolution view of the person who has removed the item, the system is not only able to identify when an item was removed but by whom.

If the physical stock of a particular item does not match the expected inventory in the database it is a simple matter of automatically checking the archives for every removal of items from a particular shelf area to determine if any removal was unauthorized.

For the Chinese Army, reducing shrinkage at their military factories is a matter of national security. For a commercial enterprise the savings from such a system can easily pay for it within months.
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