See you in Dubai for the next Enlightenment Seminar
The iOmniscient Enlightenment Seminar which has run in over 30 cities around the world to a total audience of over 5000 people is now coming to Dubai. Several of these have been supported by our partners such as Pelco, AXIS and Genetec.

The next Enlightenment Seminar is scheduled for the 18th of January at the Novotel in Dubai (just above the World Trade Center where Intersec will
be running). The Dubai seminar will be co-sponsored by our partners AnalyticsReady, AXView, SEC Control Group and HDD (see details below). The seminar provides a high level overview on
the current state of the art in Video Analysis and will cover topics such as:

• Facial Recognition in a Crowded Scene

• How to select hardware for video analysis

• Industry Case Studies in intelligent surveillance

The seminar is free and all attendees receive a CD version of the new book, "Automated Surveillance – A Guide to Intelligent Surveillance" For an invitation please contact

AnalyticsReady focuses on equipment that has been optimised for video analysis.

AXView has an excellent range of IP cameras which are useful for general surveillance.
Intersec Booth 4 131C

SEC Control Group

HDD provides a range of specialist cameras which range from LPR to megapixel cameras.
Intersec Booth 3 105C
iOmniscient helps the World's Fastest Train run safely
On Boxing Day (26th December) 2009 the World's Fastest train from Wuhan in the North of China to Guangzhou in the South made its maiden commercial journey. Travelling at 350 km per hour the train has cut the travel time from over 10 hours to just under 3 hours. iOmniscient is pleased that the sophisticated applications in its iQ Rail portfolio have helped China Rail ensure that its passengers can travel safely, securely and with efficiency. The challenges were enormous. The cameras used did not follow any major industry standard.
Fortunately iOmniscient's universal connectivity ensured that this was not a major issue. The environment was also a challenge. Travelling through terrain that varied from snowy mountains to arid desert there was a risk that the system would suffer from too many false alarms. Many cameras were expected to cover over 300m each along the track line. iOmniscient's Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) ensured that the risk never materialized.
Being the world's fastest train service China's Ministry of Railways (MOR) was very selective in terms of their suppliers. Every participant had to undergo very rigid tests under extreme conditions before the contract was awarded. iOmniscient congratulates the MOR on its successful launch of the new train.
iOmniscient launches the ultimate VMS…and virtually gives it away
Having already positioned itself as the technological leader in intelligent surveillance, iOmniscient has now introduced a Video Management System
with some very unique capabilities.
Technical Leader Ryan Wang explained, "We decided to launch our own VMS because we found that most traditional VMS manufacturers had built systems for recording and general surveillance purposes. We have built our system with Automated Surveillance in mind. With our experience in Intelligent Surveillance we knew we could build a much superior VMS system – one that is efficient to operate and easier to implement." iQ VMS has every feature that you would expect from the most sophisticated VMS on the market and many new and unique features that no one else has. Most importantly it has the following features:
• Seamless integration with video analysis.With iQ VMS you don't have to worry about plug-ins with Video Analytics. iOmniscient's iQ Series products are tightly integrated into the VMS so that everything works seamlessly together. And since the two systems use an integrated database there is a major saving in storage and decoding costs.
• Universal Connectivity – it can connect to cameras, encoders and analog devices from several thousand manufacturers – there is no brand specific dependency.
• infinite scalability and total flexibility in terms of architecture and distribution .
• Simple pricing and VERY INEXPENSIVE - even though the product is designed to be the Rolls Royce of VMS systems, it has been priced to compete with the most inexpensive VMS products available.

iQ VMS comes in 3 flavours - Expert, Corporate and Trans Global. Check details at |