MAKING money instead of SPENDING money on your Surveillance System

When an organization implements a “Surveillance System” it is always an expense item – a cost which the organization feels they have to bear to minimize their risk. However most surveillance systems are only useful after an event (and usually long after the event) and then the user has to spend even more manpower to do a lengthy and time consuming search. Hence, such systems which can essentially only record and display do not usually reduce the risk to any significant extent. So the organization spends money but does not actually reduce its risk.

But it does not have to be that way.

Adding analytics converts the system from one that is only useful after the event into one which can help you manage an event and at times prevent the event. The analytics can be set up so that there is virtually no incremental cost (ask us about our Smart VMS which enables this). Why would one implement a dumb system which cannot reduce risk when one can get an intelligent and useful one at the same price?
Smart analytics can actually generate a positive and tangible Return on Investment. Below are just 3 examples of customers making money or saving money using their Analytics system:
• A local government organization was receiving complaints about people slipping and falling at the rate of 5 per week. They used to just pay the person a few thousand dollars to avoid litigation. With the system in place they were able to respond immediately, provide tender loving care and thus avoid having to make a payout. This also reduced their insurance costs significantly.
• A shopping mall uses their security system to calculate the dwell time of shoppers (ie the amount of time a person spent in an area). The system can also track big spenders and VIPs in an anonymized way without infringing on their privacy. Based on this they understand the travel and spending patterns of shoppers within their facility. They then use this to attract new retailers. They have been able to charge a premium price for some locations based on this information.
• A major commercial building used to have a large control room which was continuously manned. With our Automated Response system the security officers can now wander about and when there is an incident that requires their attention the officer nearest to the incident gets information of the event on his Smart Phone with instructions on where to go. His phone becomes a mobile control room. This has resulted in a massive saving in manpower and in real estate and significantly improved efficiency with just a click on his walking control room.

Make sure your system is not a sink hole for your money. Use it to save money or to make money.

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