iOmniscient’s systems are designed to work in a way that suits your needs. Our unique Artificial Intelligence Based Video Analytics Software will works with any camera, Distributed/ Edge or Centralized … Read More

Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS)

The IQ series products above IQ-80 are armed with a comprehensive Nuisance Alarm Minimzation System (NAMS algorithms) that allow them to deal with a number of issues that can be … Read More

Bangkok Police

On 17th August 2015 Bangkok was devastated as two bombs exploded at the Erawan Shrine near the Hyatt Hotel in the city- which happens to be densely populated area. The … Read More

Karbala Smart City

iOmniscient’s IQ-Series Intelligent Video Analytics deployed at Al-Attaba Al-Abbasiya Holy Shrine in Karbala city of Iraq for safety and security of millions of devotees. iOmniscient, a global leader in Intelligent … Read More

How does Sound Analytics work?

Intelligent Sound Analytics Cameras are the eyes of the system. They can see. The audio system uses a microphone to hear. Humans have a third significant sensor – the nose. … Read More

Intelligent Smell Analytics

iQ-Smell iQ-Smell is a highly intelligent system designed for real time detection and measurement of airborne chemicals and odors. iQ-Smell has the unique ability to monitor the environment for airborne … Read More

Taking High Resolution Video to the Cloud

Smart Compression Compression by a further 90% on top of all other compression methods WITHOUT LOSS OF IMPORTANT DETAIL from iOmniscient Overview: New Cameras have increasingly high resolution. Today it … Read More

What does Facial Recognition mean?

Facial recognition or FR is a software application that possess the capability of identifying or verifying a person based on their face. This is done through analyses of the person’s … Read More

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