What Video Analytics can offer?

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iOmniscient is already recognized as the world's technology leader in Video Analytics. It has won numerous International Awards for its technologies most recently including The Global Security Challenge for Crowded Scenes (2010), The Engineers Australia National Engineering Excellence Award (2010) and the prestigious IFSEC UK Award for Best CCTV Technology (2011 - second time that this award has been given to iOmniscient).

iOmniscient has a global customer base including organizations as diverse as airports from Mexico to Turkey, City Surveillance Systems from Kazakhstan to Nanning and Railways around the world including the China Fast Train Project.

iOmniscient remains unique for the following reasons:

1. It has the most comprehensive applications in the surveillance industry ranging from Behavior Analysis to Face Recognition.

2. It is able to cope with Crowded Scenes which is the biggest challenge in Security Systems. It has international patents for this application (for Object Detection in a Crowd and Face Recognition in a Crowd) which enables the software to operate in complex environments.

3. It has a unique Artificial Intelligence Capability called NAMS (Nuisance Alarm Minimization System) which helps to minimize False Alarms.

4. It has unique Rapid Automated Response capabilities.

5. It globally provides a 24x7 support by a combination of design (all its systems can be installed and managed remotely) and organizational structure (three support centers are strategically located around the world and they ensure that any issues that come up anywhere at any time can be solved quickly and effectively.

This book provides further information about the use of iOmniscient software for specific applications to enhance security in cities. Many cities are implementing smart surveillance systems to improve the safety of their citizens and to enhance the ability of law enforcement agencies to monitor and apprehend offenders who are acting beyond the law. Some of the applications that can be implemented in smart surveillance systems are described below.

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Keeping People Safe

The most important focus of city surveillance systems is on the people themselves. The objective is to keep people safe and prevent accidents or criminal activities. Not all activities are easy to detect. For example, it is very difficult to detect if two people are fighting as this can take many different forms. However, many associated behaviors can be detected. For instance, if a person falls down as a result of a fight, this can be detected. If a person begins to run suddenly, this can be detected, too. If crowds gather suddenly, this could be the symptom of some unusual activity as well. Having a system that can monitor various types of human behavior can help the city's officials to ensure the safety of their citizens.

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Automatic Surveillance Action Program (ASAP)

One city has implemented a state-of-the-art video analysis system to enable its police and other staff to manage its environment more effectively.

They use a video analysis system to detect if large construction trucks travel onto small suburban streets that are not designed to carry their weight. If such a truck is detected, its location is identified on GIS (Geographical Information System). This essentially pinpoints the location of the vehicle on a map. Based on these co-ordinates, the system searches for a police vehicle within the vicinity (using the police GPS system). Information on the infringement is automatically sent to a police vehicle so that action can be initiated.

This type of comprehensive ability to perform detections and to generate an automated response (in this case providing instructions and information to a police vehicle that is closest to the scene) is called an Automated Surveillance Action Program™. This concept is trademarked by iOmniscient. This level of sophistication is only available from the most advanced supplier of video analysis.

Video Analytics - ASAP * IQ-Smart City

Protecting high value buildings and assets

City surveillance needs can be quite varied. There will be groups that are responsible for protecting building assets. Graffiti and Vandalism detection can be an important application for them. Traditional motion detection systems can detect graffiti but they would also detect all the many passersby on a busy street. A smarter system is required to detect the graffiti while ignoring innocent people who are just walking past.

In a European city, there was a very severe graffiti problem. Each time the buildings were repainted, the graffiti artists struck again. Repainting buildings can be very expensive and hence, the city council had to find a solution. They put in an iQ-140* level Graffiti detection system mounted on a van. Using infrared cameras the system was able to catch the culprits on the first day after it was installed. The news spread very quickly among graffiti artists and the problem disappeared overnight - at least in their neighborhood.

Traffic monitoring and management

Video Analytics - Traffic monitoring and management * IQ-Smart City

City surveillance systems can be used to monitor traffic. Often there are special slow speed zones near schools or beside shopping malls and hospitals. Monitoring such locations has traditionally been very expensive because the detection of speed and the recognition of vehicles previously required significant civil works such as the digging of roads for the laying of magnetic induction loops as well as very expensive cameras. With modern systems where the video analysis system can do everything (triggering of the event, detection and recognition) the economics have changed and these systems can be widely implemented at a tenth of the cost of the traditional systems.

Traffic monitoring can also be used to detect areas which get congested along with an analysis of the timing of these events, i.e., by the time of day and the day of the week. This can be used to review traffic management systems to reduce congestion at peak times. These systems also reduce pollution and make cities more sustainable.

iOmniscient offers three packages to manage roads, tunnels, highways and urban centers. Details on these and other industry focused packages are available separately.

Enhancing public services

Public services including public transport, cycle ways/ bicycle paths and pedestrian malls can be enhanced with the smart monitoring of these areas for excessive crowding, queues and other forms of usage. The city officials can respond in real time to ensure that services to the public are optimized.

Optimizing sponsorship and other revenues

Public services including public transport, cycle ways/ bicycle paths and pedestrian malls can be enhanced with the smart monitoring of these areas for excessive crowding, queues and other forms of usage. The city officials can respond in real time to ensure that services to the public are optimized.

Presenting a clean city

Smart event applications provide opportunities to monitor graffiti and vandalism and areas where rubbish has been dumped so that the city is presented as a clean and safe place to live.