IQ Retail

The retail industry operates in a crowded environment with many separate events occurring simultaneously. The top priority for the retail industry is to increase sales. To achieve this, retailers need to have a good understanding of the flow of people through the shopping center to enhance customer service and use as a tool for marketing.

Shopping Centers are constantly busy with people, therefore they are susceptible to terrorist attacks. For this reason, it is important to be able to find any abandoned objects which could potentially be dangerous, such as a bomb

Enhance customer Experience
 Recognize VIP guests and greet them immediately
 Understand Traffic Pattern (e.g. People / Vehicle Movement) to minimize congestion
 Understand Average or Individual Dwell Time – how long each person spends in each area.
 Understand and manage Queues and average waiting time (e.g. people / taxi queues)
 Car Park Management with Navigation System to guide them where the spaces are
 Alleviate frequent Parking violation incidents that could lead to Congestion using an Automatic Detection and Response System

 Slip & falls for Public Liability issue
 Safety at escalator ( prevent kids playing there)
 Prevent hazardous objects (Rubbish/Abandoned objects at exits)
 Adhere with maximum occupancy regulation (by giving early warning on overcrowding and congestion situation)
 Smoke and Fire detection for high ceiling environment

 Access Control – DriverMatch using both License plate recognition & Facial Recognition for automated VIP parking
 Face Recognition for known shoplifters
 Trespassing and Tailgating for restricted zones
 Maximum protection against intrusion after hours
 Vandalism detection; Theft detection for expensive displays
 Sudden Crowd formation / dispersal

… Many More….

All iOmniscient systems are armed with the Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimisation System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms while still maintaining detection accuracy.

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