iQ Railways

With the power of AI and iOmniscient’s Smart City movement, railways are getting smarter and more efficient.

Railways have many stakeholders and multiple departments including security, customer service and site management – each of which have their own requirements. IQ-Railways is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that can fulfill each department’s specific requirements while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs.

iQ-Railways has been globally recognised as the only smart video analytics system in the world that has the ability to provide solutions for the specific range of capabilities for the railway industry. Our patented technology provides optimum security with minimum false alarms, while enhancing operations, and increasing railway efficiency.

For instance, iOmniscient’s railway crossing management systems accurately detects an obstacle on the tracks providing sufficient warning to enable the driver to slow down before hitting the obstacle. Another example of smart railways is the yellow line detection system. iOmniscient’s AI video analytics can detect a person unintentionally crossing the yellow line and will alter them to prevents people from unintentionally falling on the tracks or getting injured.

iQ-Railway’s AI can automatically identify if the train has stopped at the platform or has left the station, to enable or disable the yellow line detection system at the appropriate times, when needed. Furthermore, iOmniscient’s detection technology is fully automated and requires no manual operation.

Using iOmiscient’s patented Artificial Intelligence solutions, railways can become smarter and do more with less.

Our iQ Railway package offerings include, but are not limited to:

• Protect bridges and other critical infrastructure – e.g. detect abandoned objects or suspicious objects at the “pylon” or “footing” of bridges
• Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tampering or sabotage

• Traffic management – e.g. vehicle counting, average speed, congestion and average waiting time
• Parking violations and at the “No stopping zone”. Use of IQ Hawk and License Plate recognition or Facial
recognition system to assist law enforcement and automate the finding process for the violated vehicles and individuals
• Efficient Traffic light management – can be adjusted dynamically depends on the current traffic situation
e.g. allow longer time for pedestrians if there are more pedestrian waiting at the crossroads
• Smoke and fire detection particularly in the tunnel environment
• Road maintenance – understand the flow and maximum “loading” requirements particularly for large and heavy vehicles
• Prevent Hawking in prohibited areas
• Prevent certain vehicle types on certain road sections (e.g. bus lane)

• Detect illegal driving, e.g. speeding, red light violation, etc
• Respond quickly to accidents – detect accidents, vehicle stopped, “near misses” on the roads or highways
• Detect “crossing lanes” on double solid lines in tunnel or prohibited sections
• Incorrect direction on one way roads
• Collision prevention at level crossings
• Detect abandoned objects or fallen objects
• Detect pedestrian jaywalking, skateboarding etc
• Prevent people crossing the major highways or entering the tunnels

And many more..

Note: More features can be added to the package based on your requirements.

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