iQ Police

iOmniscient helps law enforcement agencies turn enormous and diversified data into actionable insight and intelligence, in near real time. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and human judgement capabilities helps law enforcement agencies unearth veiled connections and critical patterns that would otherwise be hidden.

iOmniscient’s smart AI video solutions have been designed to evolve with the growing challenges of modern day crime so you can accelerate decision making. To fight rising crime, law-enforcement agencies need to work smarter, not harder. To stay ahead of offenders, we offer sophisticated crime-management system that helps local authorities analyze and visualize disparate crime and act on it asap. Our AI systems couples with our unique NAMS system notify law enforcement authorities of event happenings in almost real time. This is done through iOmniscient’s AI solutions that work with agencies on a persoanlised level, thus improving response time to events.

Using iOmiscient’s patented Artificial Intelligence solutions, law enforcers can now do more with less.

Our iQ police package offerings include, but are not limited to:


  • Detect and track suspects or criminals accompanied with Face Recognition system
  • Identify suspects using Body Camera, and/or Drones while on the move
  • Detect and track suspicious vehicles accompanied with detection of vehicle stopped and License Plate Recognition system
  • Detect suspicious behaviours including man-down, attack, loitering, sudden crowd gathering etc
  • Perimeter protection
  • Smart systems to identify people and recording dwell time in areas being monitored
  • Detect illegal, and/or over time car parking
  • Object detection system
  • Face Recognition in extreme crowds
  • Fight Detection


  • Monitoring agents’ attendance
  • Provide real time video analysis with forensic capabilities to process large archived video
  • Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tampering or sabotage
  • Mobile video analysis
  • Face Recognition through secondary source videos


  • Detect traffic violations
  • Smoke, Fire, and Gas detection
  • Detect Pedestrian Guidelines Disobedience
  • Detection of oil and water spills to prevent slip and fall
  • The ability to detect someone slipping and falling

All iOmniscient systems are armed with the Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms while still maintaining detection accuracy.

Note: More features can be added to the package based on your requirements.

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