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Museums contain many valuable artefacts and artworks and are generally open to the public. It is important for museums to have a high level of security to protect the valuable artefacts, as well as managing the safety and operations of the museum for the staff and visitors.

The artefacts in the museum can be of extremely high financial and cultural value. Consequently, museums are vulnerable to robberies. In addition to the artefacts, the museum itself is susceptible to vandalism and graffiti attacks. Often museum buildings have significant value to the community and the items it holds need to be very securely protected.

Why iOmniscient’s iQ-Museum?
iQ-Museum is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that that can fulfill the specific requirements for security, safety and operations, while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs.

To prevent robberies, iQ-Museum has a perimeter protection system to stop intruders entering the premises after hours or in the restricted areas where valuables may be kept. In addition, iQ-Museum has a theft detection system which can identify missing objects instantly, even in crowded scenes.

iQ-Museum also has an accurate vandalism and graffiti detection system to immediately notify the operators of the event. iOmniscient’s many-to-many face recognition system can then be used to identify the suspect for the theft or vandalism.

Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP):
iQ-Museum is armed with iOmniscient’s unique Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) which can cope with the complex and crowded scenes that exist in the real world, thus ensuring reliable results. Coupled with iOmniscient’s patented iQ-Hawk technology, which simultaneously detects events and identifies people and vehicles on the same camera, iQ-Museum can deliver an automated response system which can then be tightly linked into the user’s own processes.


• Immediate identification of known suspects/criminals using Face Recognition system
• Theft prevention system to identify missing objects instantly even in a crowded exhibition environment. Automatic identification of the thief using Face Recognition system even before he leaves the premises
• Graffiti and Vandalism detection even for small artefacts/painting
• Perimeter protection to prevent intrusion in restricted areas
• Prevent unauthorized access with Tailgating and Face Recognition system to heighten people access. License Plate Recognition system can be used to heighten vehicle access
• Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tempering or sabotage

• Adhere with fire and safety regulations by understanding the capacity of the building or area
• Better customer services and resource planning with the use of people counting and queue
management system to understand the occupancy and the average waiting time etc
• Crowd management system can be used to understand which exhibition has the highest amount of traffic for marketing analysis
• Better car park management with the use of Counting, License Plate Recognition system, Tailgating system, Parking Violation Detection etc
• Efficient Lost and found process with the use of abandoned object detection

• Smoke and Fire detection whereas conventional smoke detection cannot be effective in museum environment usually with high ceilings
• Crowd management and control
• Detection of water spill
• Detection of slip and fall for public liability or man-down detection

And many more…

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