iQ Manufacturing

Smart AI Video Analytics is changing the landscape of the manufacturing industry. iOmniscient enables traditional as well as modern manufacturing units to evolve into smart plants.

Our AI solutions convert your factory into a safer and more efficient workplace, without impacting your budget.

Apart from operational excellence, manufacturing plants invest heavily on safety and security.  At iOmniscient, we offer give an integrated solution that allows you to combine the requirements of multiple departments on to one single platform. iQ-Manufacturing is our world renowned smart integrated solutions for you.

Using iOmiscient’s patented Artificial Intelligence solutions, manufacturers can now do more with less.

Our manufacturers package offerings include, but are not limited to:

• Theft prevention system to protect internal stealing of expensive materials and unfinished items
• Perimeter protection to prevent unauthorized access for the restricted zones at all times or after hours
• Prevent unauthorized access with Tailgating and Face Recognition system to heighten people access
• License Plate Recognition system can be used to prevent unauthorized access from vehicles
• Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tempering or sabotage

• Better car park management particularly at the loading docks for pickup trucks with the use of Counting, License Plate Recognition, Tailgating, Wrong Way, Parking Violation Detection etc
• License Plate Recognition system to automate entry onto premises for authorized vehicles
• Streamline assembly line (e.g. use of iQ-140 to detect when the machinery is stuck or stopped)
• Monitor respective workers are on-duty at the assembly line using many-to-many Face Recognition system

• Smoke and Fire detection (conventional smoke detection cannot be effective in areas with high ceilings)
• Adhere with safety guidelines (e.g. to ensure “safety helmet” must be worn by each staff before entering certain areas)
• Detection of water spills to prevent slip and fall

And many more…

All iOmniscient systems are armed with the Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms while still maintaining detection accuracy. 

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