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Have you ever wondered how video analytics could not just make your bank and ATMs more secure, but they could also improve business operations, increase customer satisfaction, and add enable you to deliver better and more valuable service to your customers?

Apart from security, some of the biggest concerns banks face today are customer care related. Using our AI based solutions, banks have the ability to analyse customer behaviour, determine if the bank a queue has exceeded acceptable limits, study the customer dwell time, recognise VIP customers and the like. By implementing these simple, cost-effective smart solutions, you are one step closer to becoming a smarter bank.

Using iOmiscient’s patented Artificial Intelligence solutions, banks can now do more with less.

Our banking package offerings include, but are not limited to:


  • Immediate identification of suspects/criminals using facial recognition (even in uncontrollable and crowded environment)
  • Detection of Abandoned/ Suspected luggage/ object left in a Crowd
  • Detection of objects being left where they should not be
  • Tailgating detection
  • Man down detection for your own guards
  • ATM card skimming detection
    Face Recognition in a Crowd
  • Behavioural Recognition
  • The ability to detect fights


  • Queue Management
  • Customer Counting (moving as well as stationary persons)
  • Face Recognition
  • Quicker Customer Screening
  • The ability to detect for asset destruction/ manipulation
  • Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tampering and sabotage
  • Parking Management


  • The ability to detect someone slipping and falling to mitigate public liability
  • The ability to find lost children even without having an image of them

All iOmniscient systems are armed with the Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimisation System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms while still maintaining detection accuracy.  


Note: More features can be added to the package based on your requirements.

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