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iOmniscient Detection
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All detection products have been rated based on their level of intelligence. As with human iQ, an iQ of 100 is considered to be the average of the population. Half the population has an iQ above 100 but the other half is less intelligent.

All iOmniscient's Detection Products have been rated based on how intelligent they are. Below iQ-100 the products have very limited intelligence. The vast majority of our competitors operate in this space. At the iQ-100 and iQ-110 level there are products of average intelligence. There are 5 or 6 companies internationally who can operate in this segment. Above iQ-110 and up to iQ-120 one sees very smart systems. There are only two or three companies who have products in this class.

Above this level – iQ-140 and above – one has the Genius Class of products. iOmniscient has international patents on these and hence there are no other players in this range.

iQ-Infinity provides all the capabilities of the iQ-Series at the same time on the same camera.


Includes all detection capabilities 
from iQ-100 to iQ-140
  iQ-180: Super-SensitiveDetection
- Invisible Objects (low contrast) 
- Left Objects (crowded area) 
- Removed Objects (crowded area) 
- Graffiti/Vandalism (crowded area)
- Parking Violations (high traffic)
  iQ-140: Non- Motion Detection
- Left Objects (crowded area) 
- Removed Objects (crowded area) 
- Graffiti/Vandalism (crowded area)
- Parking Violations (high traffic)
iQ-120: Crowd Management
- Counting in a Crowd
- Crowd Density Analysis
- Overcrowding (people) 
- Traffic Congestion (vehicles)
  iQ-115: Advanced Behavior Analysis
- Slip & Fall 
- Man-Down 
- Loitering 
- Running
  iQ-110: Counting
- Standard Counting
- Directional Alarms
iQ-100: Intrusion Detection
Perimeter Protection

- Intuder Detection
- Running and Loitering 
- Directional Alarms 
- Left Objects (empty areas)
  iQ-20: Surveillance System Healthcheck
- Immediate notification of  camera malfunction on large- scale networks
- Map integration

When a sick person has been identified by the thermal camera, a normal camera used in conjunction, can automatically enroll and recognise the subject using