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How smart is your surveillance system?
iQ-Series - Queue

IQ Queue Management System permits the system to understand the dynamics of queues and assists in their management, helping to achieve better efficiency and customer service. The system has the ability to determine the busiest moment of the day and to alert staff members to take remedial action when the queue gets too long. The average waiting time for a queue can be made available to management for immediate resource re-allocation and to customers.

• The Queue Management system can use inputs from one or multiple cameras.
• A queue may have multiple Entry Points (i.e. where people or vehicles can enter the Queue). However there is only one Service Point (Le. point at which people leave the queue to be serviced). In fact there may be several service counters where people receive service however the counting is done at the point when the person or vehicte leaves the end of the Queue.


• The system can keep track of the number of people in the Queue at any time. It will also keep track of the Average Waiting Time for individuals in the Queue, based on the number of people in the queue and the rate at which they are being served. The system is able to send an alert when the Average waiting time exceeds a particular target threshold.
• The system can understand the End of the Queue and is able to alert a staff member if the queue length exceeds a pre-determined size.
• If the waiting time is long, people may leave the Queue in frustration. If some cameras in the system can see the individuals as they leave the queue then the system can count the number of people who leave the queue without being serviced.
For environments where the Queue is not entirely visible from a single point, the system can provide information on where the Queue ends.