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How smart is your surveillance system?
iQ-Series - Smoke & Fire

iQ-Smoke is a newly developed technology that allows for the visual identification of smoke in situations where traditional smoke detection products would be ineffective. It can operate both during the day and night. It is particularly useful for forest fire detection, industrial and tunnel safety applications.

What makes iQ-Smoke different?
• Visual identification of smoke patterns
• Ability to detect direction and severity of fire
• Allows security personnel to assess condition of incident site
• Allows for CCTV infrastructure to be used for other applications
• Allows sensitivity to be set to fit building risk profile
• Open and highly scalable system
• Fully integrated with iQ-Series products

1. Forest Fire Detection
iQ-Smoke allows communities to economically monitor large forested areas. Early Warning Alarms from the system can provide the time needed for evacuation.

2. Industrial Safety
Fire detection is difficult in areas with large spaces such as industrial warehouses and exhibition centres. With iQ-Smoke, earlier visual detection of smoke allows faster response before the fire escalates.

3. Tunnel Safety
High concentrations of pollutants and smoke particles in tunnels are not a challenge for iQ-Smoke reducing incidence of false alarms.