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iQ-Series - FeverCheck

What is False Colour?
Thermal cameras are sensitive to heat and hence they can see objects based on their temperature differences. These heat images are usually portrayed in black and white. However it is possible to show the images with a colour coding (e.g blue for cold, red for hot). The sensitivity of the system is dependent on the sensitivity of the camera used and the range of colours that can be portrayed in false colour.

How does iQ FeverCheck Work?
The iQ FeverCheck system reviews images received from a thermal camera with false colour and automatically sets off an alarm if a person suffering from a fever enters the area of interest. This is achieved as the person's image would appear to be a particular shade of red which shows that he is running a fever.

Working without manual intervention, iQ FeverCheck can detect if a person is suffering from a fever. It can then raise an alarm, allowing the operator to quickly identify the sick person. Without the automation studies have shown that after 20 minutes an operator is likely to detect only 1 out of every 50 persons suffering from a fever. iQ FeverCheck greatly improves
the productivity of the operator and enhances the value of the investment made in a thermal camera.

Universal Connectivity
iQ FeverCheck will work with any thermal camera that provides a False Colour image. This is in line with iOmniscient's strategy of ensuring that all its systems are OPEN and can work with any camera that meets industry standard protocols.

Seamless Integration
iQ FeverCheck is seamlessly integrated with all of iOmniscient's products including the iQ Series of Video Analysis products and the iQ Video Management System. Information from iQ FeverCheck can be passed on to any of the other video analysis systems for further analysis. A visible light camera can be used along with the thermal camera to capture and record the images of the faces of individuals who may have a fever.

The system will generate alarms which can be sent seamlessly to different systems enabling doors to be shut automatically.

And iQ FeverCheck will work even in a crowded scene where large numbers of individuals are gathered together.

Who should use the system

Any organisation concerned about individuals with a fever entering their facilities will find this system useful. At borders (air, sea and land) the system is invaluable for checking on the health of travellers. Railway stations and other areas where large numbers of people accumulate will also find this capability useful.

Large corporations will find it useful during a pandemic to ensure that sick employees do not come to work and spread the disease.