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iQ-20: Surveillance System Healthcheck Print Email
  How smart is your surveillance system?
iQ-Series - Surveillance System HealthCheck

Surveillance System HealthCheck is an open platform, IP-based system that will work with existing off the shelf computers, networking and CCTV equipment, providing immediate notification of camera malfunction on networks with a large number of analog or IP cameras. Automatic alerts and reports are provided when cameras are disconnected or out of focus, have been physically moved or tampered with, are providing poor image quality or if they are unable to see well due to bad weather, variable lighting or other complex conditions.

A report outlining problematic cameras and their locations can facilitate physical maintenance in a timely manner. Surveillance System HealthCheck can operate on centralized or distributed networks and can be scaled from a few cameras to many thousands, supporting all brands of analog and IP cameras. All cameras are shown on a customizable map interface for simple notification of problematic camera locations, enabling the efficient planning of system maintenance.

• Minimizes surveillance system downtime
• Ensures surveillance systems are operating at the optimum level
• Reduces maintenance time and costs by rectifying only malfunctioning cameras
• Enables immediate response to problem cameras to get maximum
advantage of the security network
• Regular surveillance system health reporting enables enhanced
maintenance\planning and increases customer satisfaction