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iQ-100: Intrusion Detection Perimeter Protection Print Email
  How smart is your surveillance system?
iQ-Series - Perimeter Protection & Intrusion Detection

iQ-100 uses a highly sophisticated form of video motion analytics to protect an area from intrusion whilst detecting abnormal behavior such as loitering, running and objects travelling in the incorrect direction. The software continuously tracks the movement of multiple objects across the screen. A virtual tripwire or region is drawn on the screen and whenever this perimeter is breeched the event is recorded and an alarm raised.

iQ-100 can permit objects to travel in one direction while generating an alarm for movement in the opposite direction. In addition the software has the abillity to ignore certain moving objects, alarming only on specific user-defined objects making it highly adaptable to all environments. Using iOmniscient's sophisticated, yet userfriendly Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS), the software overcomes many of the false alarm issues traditionally associated with VMD and does so while maintaining accurate detection.

• Enhance asset protection by detecting intruders in restricted areas
• Detect people loitering suspiciously to avoid a possible disaster
• Increase safety by detection of people/objects travelling in the incorrect direction
• Detect sudden running which could be deemed dangerous or suspicious
• Detect cars driving in the bus lane while ignoring passing buses