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iQ-Series - Counting

iQ-110, as part of iQ-InfinityTM, will count and give a cumulative total of the number of objects that have passed through one or more areas of interest that are drawn on the screen. The software will count traffic that passes through a region in specified directions whilst ignoring traffic from other directions. Sophisticated filters, including human templates, and the ability to see perspective can be used to ignore unwanted objects and focus only on humans or cars for instance.

iQ-110 is comprised of several sophisticated counting algorithms (e.g. head counting, shape counting, group counting, general counting, etc.) and is extremely accurate with a recent independent audit providing an accuracy of over 99%. iQ-110 is not constrained by the camera angle and yet is able to provide reasonable accuracy.

Values from any number of cameras or servers can be consolidated, providing the ability to automatically add and subtract count totals (requires Data Aggregation Server). This has proven very useful in determining occupancy levels where there are multiple entry and exit points. iQ-110 is equipped with a comprehensive reporting facility and data can be exported for further analysis.

• Collect data for statistical analysis and marketing
• Determine the usage rate and traffic flow on roads and highways
• Count the number of trucks that use a road while ignoring cars
• Alert when building occupancy limit is reached and adhere to safety regulations
• Determine whether all people have exited a building before closing
• Determine the capacity of carparks/buildings with multiple entries/exits
• Determine the busiest areas of a mall to assist with valuing shop space
• Understand people flow and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
• Interface with access control systems for highly secured areas