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iQ-115: Advanced Behavior Analysis Print Email
  How smart is your surveillance system?
iQ-Series - Behaviour Analysis

iQ-115 has the ability to detect a range of complex behaviours.

Slip and Fall
When a person slips and falls to the ground, alerting security personnel in real time. A timely alert can allow staff to take immediate action to comfort the person and seek medical attention. The software will allow staff to review the exact circumstances of the fall at the press of a button.

iQ-115 is particularly useful for managing public liability issues, for monitoring guards who may be "downed" in an attack and in nursing homes and hospitals.

iQ-115 can detect if a person starts running. This can be indicative of some other incident such as pick pocketing.

There are many public areas where people are expected to pass without stopping. If they loiter they would be detected. This application has application in people traffic management in retail environments where loitering can indicate that the patron has stopped to looked at some merchandize. This can help with product placement

Crowd Gathering
iQ-115 can be used to detect when small groups form. This can be useful in environments such as prisons where the forming of groups can be indicative of some other activity.