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iQ-140: Non- Motion Detection Print Email
  How smart is your surveillance system?
iQ-Series - Graffiti & Vandalism Detection

iOmniscient has developed a unique system to detect graffiti and vandalism even in crowded and complex scenes. This system uses iOmniscient's internationally patented Non Montion Detection (NMD) to detect graffiti or vandalism even if it has been partially obscured or has constant movement from people in front of it. The graffiti and vandalism detection system can even detect the event. when it has occurred on a low contrasting background. This is virtually undetectable to the human eye. Once the graffiti or vandalism has occured, the operator is able to jump back to the start of the event to see who did it with just a press of a single button. iOmniscient's Graffiti & Vandalism Detection application is armed with a powerful Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to reduce the rate of false alarms caused by light variations, environmental factors and small animals.

• Detects Graffiti & Vandalism in all public areas
• Copes with crowded and complex scenes
• Detects events that have occured on low contrast objects
• Detects events even when they have been partially obscured
• Useful for monitoring unattended areas
• An alarm is raised when graffiti & vandalism occurs
• Operator can jump back to the start of the event to see who did it at the press of a single button