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iQ-Infinity is a world's first video product which can run over 20 sophisticated applications using multiple detection engines simultaneously on the same camera. The applications include the internationally patented ability to detect in crowded areas which is not available from any other supplier.

Despite its power it is extremely light in terms of CPU usage, running at least 4 times more cameras than its major competitors, bringing down the overall cost of the system and bandwidth requirements. With its flexible architecture, the system is able to operate within centralized or distributed networks and can be scaled from a few cameras to many thousands.

Armed with the unique Nuisance Alarm Minimizaiton System (NAMS) the system is not just better at detection but also at ensuring that false alarms are minimized.

Using both iOmniscient's internationally patented Non Motion Detection algorithm, as well as advanced video motion analysis algorithms, iQ-Infinity includes the most comprehensive range of video analysis capablillites available in the market today including abandoned object and theft detection in a crowd, graffiti/vandalism or parking violation detection in a crowd, crowd management, behavior analysis, counting and perimeter protection.

• Enhances operations by enabling preventive action
• Patented Non Motion Detection enables accurate operation in a crowd
• Adaptablility to almost any enviroment
• Reduces cost by enabling multiple applications to run on a single camera
• No incremental capital expenditure by interfacing with existing infrastructure and increasing capital expenditure by interfacing with existing infrastructure and increasing the lifespan of the surveillance system
• Multi-language capablility enables universal deployment
• One system to address requirements from different stakeholders within the organization