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Perimeter Protection Print Email

This capability can used to protect an area from intrusion: a virtual tripwire or region is drawn on the screen and anytime this perimeter is breeched the event is recorded and an alarm raised.

Any number of areas of interest can be set up on the screen, with separate filters. The flexibility of the software is such that it can differentiate between different types of objects allowing the user to ignore certain objects and target others such as people but not small animals and it can even distinguish between cars and trucks, and focus on the specific target.

The perimeter protection function could potentially be used to secure off-limits areas of property at night (or day), alerting security personnel if an intruder attempts to trespass. The software could also be used to alert if a person comes within a certain distance of valuable asset.


    • Protecting outdoor perimeter of property from trespassers
    • Protecting restricted indoor areas from intruders
    • Tracking intruders across the screen to monitor their behaviour
    • Detecting people walking on a freeway while ignoring traffic from cars
    • Detecting cars but not buses in a Bus Lane