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Behavior Analysis & Tracking Print Email

IQ-120 has the ability to detect behaviour deemed suspicious such as loitering or running, based on the speed and pattern of their movement. Once alerted, the station staff have the ability to more closely monitor people whose behaviour seems suspicious, potentially averting crises before they happen. The software can give an early indication of people who are acting suspiciously so that they can be tracked and assessed.

Suspicious behaviour is different for every situation. This software is customisable to detect behaviour that a client identifies as suspicious for their situation.

The software could be used to detect potential theft, for instance in a car park. The software can be configured to recognise that a normal person would walk directly to their car while generating an alarm for any person that is seen to walk from car to car as they decide which one to steal.

The software can be used to detect potential suicidal behaviour: a suicidal person may loiter in one place as they build up their courage to blow themselves up, or before they jump off a train platform. The system can identify a person who is showing such aberrant behaviour.


    • Detecting loitering
    • Detecting running or sudden running
    • Detecting potential theft
    • Detecting potential suicidal behaviour