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Crowd Counting Print Email

IQ-120 has the unique capability to count the number of people within a crowd, in real-time. This is very different from our standard counting software which provides a cumulative total of the number of objects (people/vehicles/etc) that pass though a 'virtual gate'.

The Counting in a Crowd software will give a live count of the number of people within a region of interest that has been drawn on the screen, and has the ability to raise an alarm if the figure reaches a pre-defined limit.

The software can be used to count vehicles within an area of interest, to monitor traffic and generate alarms for congestion, alerting the user when the pre-defined threshold is reached. The software can also be used in the service industry alerting relevant staff if or when a queue reaches a size that is deemed too long.

There are many situations where regulations permit a maximum number of people within a room or area, the Counting in a Crowdsoftware is able to monitor these areas to ensure the regulations are not breeched. Counting in a Crowd operates with an accuracy that exceeds 98%.


    • Monitoring busy areas for overcrowding
    • Monitoring traffic for congestion
    • Monitoring queues to improve customer service
    • Complying with building regulations
    • Increase safety in any crowded venue