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Detect Parking Violations Print Email

The Genius IQ-180 and IQ-140 range of Non-Motion Detection software is able to detect vehicles that park for too long, even in areas of heavy traffic where the vehicle(s) may be obscured regularly by the passing traffic.

It is able to detect vehicles that stop for less than a minute but more importantly is able to detect vehicles that stop for more considerable (or suspicious) periods of time from a few minutes to a couple of hours or more.

A time limit for the parking zone is preset by the user and any vehicle that remains parked in the area for too long will raise an alarm. The software can be used for enforcing no-stopping zones or parking areas with time-limits.

Importantly the software can be configured to only give alarms for trucks and not cars, cars and not trucks, or cars and trucks and not other objects which may not be of concern.

The detection time can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user and the constraints of the environment. Only iOmniscient can effectively detect a vehicle in a busy street with constant traffic movement where the vehicle is obscured for periods of time environment.

Once an alarm is raised, at the press of a button, the user can jump to the event, giving staff the opportunity to react immediately. The software is capable of detecting potentially any number of parked vehicles within a single scene, and reviewing each event individually.


    • Detecting vehicles that over-stay time-limit parking zones
    • Detection of vehicles that park in a "no parking" zone or area
    • Detection of cars that park in a loading zone reserved for trucks
    • Detection of vehicles parked in restricted areas for security reasons
    • Detecting vehicles that have broken down on major arterial roads
    • Detecting potential car bombs that may be parked in a restricted area