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The iOmniscient Genius Range of Non-Motion Detection software is the only software in the world capable of detecting the removal of multiple objects from crowded and busy scenes despite obscuration and constant movement in the camera's field of vision.

Whilst other products may have the ability to detect objects that are removed from an empty scene, the most common and difficult situations are not empty. VMD products, which rely on motion to perform their detection (and are therefore susceptible to false alarms caused by movement), will not be able to cope in a realistic situation where innocent people may frequently move around an object and obscure it for periods of time, only iOmniscient can detect theft effectively in this environment.

The detection time is fully configurable to suit the constraints of the environment and the needs of the user.

In a busy environment such as a museum or art gallery innocent people will regularly obscure a painting or object as they admire it. Only iOmniscient is capable of ignoring the movement of people in front of the objects while still detecting if they are taken.

The software will even identify the paintings to be protected and automatically adjust size and shape parameters accordingly.

Once an alarm is raised, at the press of a button, the user can jump to the event, giving staff the opportunity to react immediately, and allowing quick and easy identification of the person(s) involved.

The software is capable of detecting potentially any number of stolen objects within a single scene, and replaying each event individually.


    • Theft in art galleries or museums
    • Theft in car show rooms
    • Theft from warehouses
Detect objects removed from crowded area