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Unlike traditional Video Motion Detection (VMD), which relies on motion to perform its detection (making it susceptible to false alarms caused by movement), our unique Non-Motion Detection (NMD)software is capable of ignoring motion, making it the only software in the world capable of detecting objects (even tiny objects that are invisible to human eye: IQ-180) that are placed in the most common and dangerous environments: busy or crowded scenes, despite obscuration and constant movement.

The iOmniscient Non-Motion Detection software is able to distinguish between objects that are left for a few seconds and objects that are abandoned for much longer periods of time. The detection time can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user and the constraints of the environment.

Whilst other products may have the ability to find objects that are abandoned in an empty scene, the most dangerous and difficult scenarios are not empty. In the real world innocent people will be constantly moving around the abandoned object and obscure it for periods of time, only iOmniscient can effectively detect an object in this environment.

Once an alarm is raised, at the press of a button, the user can  Jump to Event, giving staff the opportunity to react immediately, and allowing quick and easy identification of the person(s) involved.

The software is capable of detecting potentially any number of abandoned objects within a single scene, and reviewing each event individually.

Object Differentiation enables the unique ability to detect loaded airport trolleys, while ignoring empty ones (or vice versa)


    Detecting Suspicious Objects in a busy area
    Potential Bomb Detection in a busy area
    Left luggage detection 
    Lost and Found 
    Trolley collection
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