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• Enhance Security and Access Control using facial recognition and license recognition. Provide immediate identification and alert once a match is found against the blacklist. Driver Match can be used to further identify if a vehicle is driven away by an authorized driver
• Perimeter protection and to prevent intrusion and unauthorised access
• Protect facilities from terrorist attack (e.g. left object detection)
• Prevent unauthorised access and tailgating – can apply tailgating and facial recognition system to control people access. License plate recognition system can be used to control vehicle access
• Theft prevention – expensive parts/raw materials, cutting expensive copper from power stations etc
• Heighten security at the petrol stations (uses License plate recognition system to automate surveillance particularly after hours to identify suspicious loitering, stopped vehicles or prolonged stays)

• Protect expensive equipment, raw materials, long pipelines
• Protect onshore and offshore rig
• Better resource planning and management for petrol stations (e.g. to understand busiest time of the day)

• Detect Smoke and Fire
• Detect vapour cloud
• Detect oil spill and oil leakage
• Tailgating system to heighten Access Control for airlock system particularly in nuclear plant

And many more...


The Oil & Gas industry has many stakeholders and multiple departments including security, safety and operations - each of which have their own requirements. IQ-Oil & Gas is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that can fulfill each department's specific requirements while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs.

The Oil & Gas industry operates in a relatively hazardous environment and consequently invest a lot of time and money in implementing safety processes to avoid any disasters from occurring. The Oil & Gas industry involves more than just the normal factory environment, as their businesses also operate in remote outdoor areas, even offshore and desert areas, which are not always manned. These areas also have complex lighting environments, such as dust storms, which are likely to affect the accuracy of a video analysis system.

iOmniscient provides a comprehensive video analysis system that is able to perform a variety of applications, from simple to complex perimeter protection, gas leak detection and smoke and fire detection. All of iOmniscient's products are armed with Nuisance Alarm Minimization Filter (NAMS) to provide the most accurate and reliable alarm system that is suited to the needs of the Oil & Gas industry.

iOmniscient's internationally patented technologies provide a comprehensive solution for the many applications required in the Oil & Gas industry including the world's only video analytics system that is able to handle complex scenes. iOmniscient
is the technology leader in video analytics and already has many satisfied customers throughout the world in the Oil & Gas industry.