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• Heightened security at the premises or its proximity including the car park (e.g. Intruder Detection)
• Immediate Alert for people wearing masks, helmets or sunglasses when entering the bank or near ATMs
• Detection of people loitering near an ATM
• Left object detection in their lobby areas
• Graffiti and Vandalism – especially at ATMs
• Man down detection for their own guards
• Better access control including the prevention of tail gating for highly secured areas.
• Protection of assets (e.g. re-possessed vehicles)
• Immediate identification of suspects/criminals using facial recognition (even in uncontrollable and
crowded environment)

• Enhance Customer Service – e.g. immediate identification of VIP customers using facial recognition (even in uncontrolled and crowded environments)
• Counting and demographics
• Queue Management to understand the average waiting time for each queue and to alert management for opening additional service counters during the busy hours
• Surveillance system health check to prevent camera tampering and sabotage

• Detection of ATM card skimming devices including the positioning of foreign objects at the ATM (e.g. new sticker etc)

And many more...


Banks have many stakeholders and multiple departments including security, operations and management- each of which have their own requirements. IQ-Banks is a comprehensive portfolio of applications that can fulfill each department's specific requirements while operating as a single integrated system to ensure quick distribution of information to all concerned when any event occurs.

Banks are unique organisations because their product is money, for this reason they are often the targets of attack. Banks often have ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) outside their branches and in unmanned locations such as shopping malls, which are also targets for criminals. The latest attempt at identity theft centres on the installation of very small devices above the slot where the customer is supposed to enter his card. These devices can copy the identity information from the magnetic strip. It is important for banks to detect if such a device has been implanted by criminals on their ATM. A camera (with an IQ 180 level system) could identify a small device that had been placed on their ATM and the bank could then take action to remove it as well as to identify who installed the device.

iOmniscient's internationally patented technologies provide a comprehensive solution for the many applications required in the bank industry, including the world's only video analytics system that is able to handle crowded and complex scenes. iOmniscient's systems are also armed with its Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to accurately detect events and reduce false alarms. iOmniscient is the technology leader in video analytics and already has many satisfied customers all over the world in the bank industry.