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The Artificial Intelligence within iOmniscient's surveillance software uses several different types of  algorithms. For its detection systems it uses next generation heuristic algorithms meaning it thinks like a human but: does not fall asleep, does not lose concentration, can see things that humans cannot, and can pay attention to a thousand things at the same time.

Artificial Intelligence provides the software with unique strengths in handling obscuration (identifying objects even if they are partially obscured), minimizing nuisance alarms (due to light variations) and understanding the nature of the object (through understanding perspective and the size and shape of objects).

There are several types of Artificial Intelligence. The two most relevant to image processing are - Neural Networks and Heuristic Algorithms. 


Neural Networks work in a manner similar to human memory. The system stores large numbers of images in its memory and does a comparison with a live image to determine the nature of an object. This method is common in Image Processing but requires a very large amount of memory and computer power to achieve a result. As an example if one is trying to identify a dog, one has to compare the image at hand with a database of images of every possible dog seen from every angle. 
Heuristic Algorithms on the other hand replicate the human ability to reason. The system makes inductive and deductive conclusions from the information available to it. In the example of the dog it would say, this object has four legs, a wagging tail and other characteristics of a dog hence it must be a dog. 

Unlike existing Video Motion Detection (VMD) technology, these heuristic algorithms have enabled the creation of a new Non Motion Detection (NMD) Technology which is what powers the Genius range of IQ Products. 
With Non Motion Detection one can detect objects being left and removed from crowded scenes.

iOmniscient holds international patents on non motion detection and the ability to detect abandoned and stolen objects within crowded scenes. 
Neural Network based artificial intelligence is used in Identification products such as License Plate Recognition.