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Recognizing the critical nature and global spread of its customers, iOmniscient technical support is available 24x7 anywhere in the world.

All iOmniscient systems are designed with an inbuilt Remote Diagnostic and Repair  (RDR) capability which makes expensive on-site support almost obsolete. This capability is designed to provide back-up to the in-field capability of iOmniscient’s resellers and Systems Integrators. In using the Remote Diagnostic and Repair Capability an encrypted application handshake is used to ensure the security of information flow in both directions. The user can therefore be comfortable that his system will not be compromised in the process.

support-24-7Every iOmniscient system is sold with a warranty (90 days for those with Perpetual Licenses, 12 months for those with Subscription Licenses) during which iOmniscient will fix any identified problems by way of telephone and email support at no charge and will also provide the customer with free system updates. Beyond the warranty period the customer can opt to purchase an Extended Warranty under which he continues to receive the same service.

iOmniscient’s support teams are set up in critical locations around the world so that  they can pass problems from one team to the next following the sun. As the team in Toronto winds down at the end of the day it passes the baton to the team in Sydney. When their day is done, Sydney passes the baton on to the team in New Delhi. At any time of the day or night a customer can send in his problem and expect a timely response. Response times are guaranteed based on the level of  the support that the customer has opted for.

Where on-site support is required it can also be provided (at an extra charge) in those few instances where it becomes necessary. 

iOmniscient believes that providing Exemplary Service is as important as having an Exceptional Product and this investment in an improved support capability is a reflection of this commitment to providing the best support possible.