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Operational on Wireless PDA Print Email

The full range of iOmniscient applications can be viewed and managed using a wireless PDA. This means that an operator is not restricted to a control room.

The security guard can be doing a tour and have a comprehensive ability to monitor, archive, review, and manage any alarm situations that occur. This includes the ability to do a 'Jump to Event' which is available with every product. 

Any number of wireless PDAs can be added to the iOmniscient system at any stage to upgrade the flexibility and mobility of the security team. This effectively allows every member of the security staff to view or manage (if authorised) the video stream from any camera without being in a control room or at the server.

Each guard becomes a mobile control room in his own right. Full intelligence surveillance capabilities are available on the PDA and alarms are viewable in real-time.

Other  wireless devices such as mobile phones can also be used but they will have less functionality based on the limitations of the device.