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iQ License Plate Recognition


IQ-LPD and IQ-LPR allow highly accurate License Plate Detection and Recognition respectively. The IQ-LPD system can detect and record plates for manual review. The more comprehensive IQ-LPR system can detect and automatically read the alpha numeric characters in any images. With the ability to recognise colour it can detect plates from almost any country. IQ-LPD will recognise the presence of a vehicle when it approaches and detect the plate. IQ-LPR will further read the plate and check a database for the required action such as trigger a control relay to open a gate.

What makes IQ-LPD & LPR different?

    • Identifies approaching vehicles using video analytics.
    • No other trigger mechanism is required
    • Reads multi-lingual licence plates (for IQ-LPR)
    • Fully integrated with IQ series products


    • Detects license plate details of speeding vehicles
    • Detects license plate details of red light violators
Building site management
    • Enables automated entry for authorised vehicles
    • Produces alarms for black listed cars
Car Parks
    • Detects license plates for vehicles entering and leaving
    • Allows comprehensive car park management