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iQ Facial Recognition


The human face has many different identifying features that vary with time. The iQ Face system provides a cost conscious manager the tools to utilise the uniqueness of a human face to improve the detection, capture and subsequent identification of human beings with the least amount of effort.

The iQ Face Solutions delivers unique functionality in four steps

    • Face detection: provides the customers the unique ability to detect a face in a crowd. This feature optimizes the capture of the face for recording, matching and recognition.
    • Face recording: enables the system to record the faces that have been detected with date and time stamp. This feature establishes the presence of persons in the crowd or at the site.
    • Face matching: enables the system to present to the operator possible matches from faces stored in a database. This also allows the customer to manually and visually match the detected face to the presented images.
    • Face recognition: automates the process of matching to find the perfect match or the closest match.

The applications that emerge from each of the features are numerous from practical uses in customer care to significant assistance in the enhancement of public safety and security.



Signficant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness are possible using:

    • VIP lists – a list of important people that may insist on being treated with care
    • Black lists – a list of unwanted and banned suspects that may assist in improving public safety
    • Banking transactions – verification of the persons attempting a financial transaction
    • Access Control verification – confirming identity visually manually or automatically
    • Entry and Exit verification – ensuring people who enter in a vehicle leave in vehicle are one and the same
    • Ownership verification – tag items to face
    • Mustering – keep a tally of who is in and who is out.