MAKING money instead of SPENDING money on your Surveillance System
When an organization implements a “Surveillance System” it is always an expense item – a cost which the organization feels they have to bear to minimize their risk. However most … Read More
Four Ways AI Can Make Cities Safer
Only a city that has the ability to deal with complex behaviours in crowds, while ensuring privacy and optimising safety, security, & operational efficiency can have the tag of being … Read More
Artificial Intelligence- The High iQ Foundation
The Artificial Intelligence within iOmniscient’s surveillance software uses several different types of algorithms. For its detection systems it uses next generation heuristic algorithms – meaning it thinks like a human … Read More
How “Jump to Event” is dramatically optimizing security operations
Immediate Response with “Jump to Event” The old method of using Pre and Post Alarm video to determine what happened during an incident has become obsolete because in today’s world, … Read More
How to Maximise your ROI in Smart City Analytics?
A Smart City System is a major investment for stakeholders. There are several factors that affect the maximization of the return. The normal assumption is that minimizing the cost of … Read More
What is Automated Surveillance & How is it Revolutionising Video Analytics ?
 Automated Intelligent Surveillance When the surveillance industry first started, the main activity was to record surveillance on video. As recording became more distributed, the technology was referred to as a … Read More
Automated Response
Automated Response information diagram In surveillance systems, the response has usually been left to a human operator. However, a human operator may take considerable time to provide a response. His … Read More
Scheduling In a complex environment, a camera may be required to perform different functions at different times or indeed to be set up with different configurations at different times. For … Read More
iOmniscient’s systems are designed to work in a way that suits your needs. Our unique Artificial Intelligence Based Video Analytics Software will works with any camera, Distributed/ Edge or Centralized … Read More
Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS)
The IQ series products above IQ-80 are armed with a comprehensive Nuisance Alarm Minimzation System (NAMS algorithms) that allow them to deal with a number of issues that can be … Read More

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