Four Ways AI Can Make Cities Safer
Only a city that has the ability to deal with complex behaviours in crowds, while ensuring privacy and optimising safety, security, & operational efficiency can have the tag of being … Read More
iQ-Rating Chart
As with humans, not all systems are equally smart. To understand how smart your system is, we have put together an iQ Rating Chart. iOmniscient’s behaviour analytics products are categorised … Read More
Taking High Resolution Video to the Cloud
Smart Compression Compression by a further 90% on top of all other compression methods WITHOUT LOSS OF IMPORTANT DETAIL from iOmniscient Overview: New Cameras have increasingly high resolution. Today it … Read More
What does Facial Recognition mean?
Facial recognition or FR is a software application that possess the capability of identifying or verifying a person based on their face. This is done through analyses of the person’s … Read More

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