Bangkok Police

On 17th August 2015 Bangkok was devastated as two bombs exploded at the Erawan Shrine near the Hyatt Hotel in the city- which happens to be densely populated area. The bombing left 25 dead with over 125 seriously injured. The Royal Thai Police have swung into action and are leaving no stone unturned in catching the culprits. In parallel, they have decided to upgrade their existing systems into state-of-the-art systems by implementing iOmniscient’s Artificial Intelligence based Face Recognition in a crowd solution.

The Royal Thai Police already had a preexisiting Oracle database with Faces of people of interest. The iOmniscient’s Facial Recognition system was set up to automate the use of that system. The aim was to use the most advanced systems in-order to tackle situations and recognise suspects and people of interested in uncontrolled, crowded environments.

Mr. Khunpon Meksup, Head of System Architecture of Songkhia Finishing, the Systems Integrator responsible for implementing the system, said he proposed iOmniscient systems because of its comprehensiveness. The police are just beginning on their journey towards a fully Automated Response System. As they grow their own understanding of the capabilities of the technology, they continue to apply the technology to new cases as they come, and also use the technology as a preventive security mechanism. Having access to an AI based video analytics and multi-sensory analytics technology has been very important to Bangkok. Being one of the busiest cities in the world, Bangkok needed a worldclass technology to meet its requirements of working outdoor, in crowded, uncontrolled environments. Only iOmniscient could meet this requirement.

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